Confronting the Unknown — Art as Technology Research

Confronting the Unknown — Art as Technology Research

Rethink!, Milan 20/06/2020

The health crisis we are experiencing is teaching us a hard lesson, establishing at the same time a new and pervasive exposure of everyone to digital tools and channels even in everyday and more traditional activities.
All digital/virtual/asynchronous interactions are no longer experienced as the "poor and geek" alternative to real experiences, but as effective means to establish connections between individuals and enrich our lives.
In ThoughtWorks, to better understand the future that awaits us, artists are involved to study the impact of emerging technologies on industry, culture and society. Art as a means to imagine the unimaginable and the incredible.
We will discuss how artists imagine the future, how we can learn from them how to use emerging technologies and how this mindset can help us in innovation processes.

We talked about it with:

  • Andrew McWilliams, ThoughtWorks Arts Program Director
  • Alessandro Confetti, Tech Principal at ThoughtWorks
  • Nouf Aljowaysir, Creative Technologist at Havas New York
  • Guido Romeo, Business and innovation journalist. - Politecnico di Milano